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Denise Owens is the owner of Account4it Solutions and is continually looking for growth and to provide the best bookkeeping in her industry. Accounting has been Denise's career goal since taking an accounting course in grade eleven. She is passionate at what she does, which translates into proving clean, consistent and accurate financials for her clients. We work with several accountants who know the hard work and dedication she provides, showing few adjusting general journal entries at year end, which provides cost savings for you the client.

Our services include full cycle bookkeeping which include the following:

  • CRA Audits
  • Payroll services, which includes payroll remittances, T4 preparation, and direct deposit.
  • GST Returns and electronic filing.
  • Balance sheet, bank and credit card reconciliations.
  • Financial statement preparation.
  • WCB Returns.
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Financial Management should be a vital activity in your organization. It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring financial resources with a view to achieve organizational goals and objectives.
There are several options you can use for managing your finances; one is to hire an accountant to help you or show you how to better manage your finance related activities.
I can help you with financial tools to streamline your financial management process so you can get back to your real job.
Do you know where money comes from, how it moves, and how it is used? Also known as forensic accounting, this type of investigation is used in corporate investigations, theft, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, asset searches, criminal,etc.
Denise Owens

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I am able to cover anything from payroll to GST returns, issuing T4's, T4P...
Denise Owens
Denise Owens

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